About us

Our history

Mobilize Me ApS is founded by our CEO, René Brøndberg-Bras. René is the father of a boy with autism, and in 2012 he risked everything to develop a support aid, that could help his son in their everyday life. On this page, you can read our history, and find out how it all started.

Plastic bags and pictograms

Back in 2012, René participated in a seminar for parents of children with cognitive challenges. His goal was to find a system, that could aid his son in their everyday life. Yet again, he was disappointed by the selection of support aids, and this is why he decided to take charge of things.

Mobilize Me is created as an alternative to heavy and stigmatizing plastic bags, filled with cut-out pictograms. Until 2012, children and teenagers with cognitive challenges, had to carry their support aids around with them, to get through their day.  

René sold his car, got a bank loan and risked everything to create an app, that could help his son.

Martin Rosendal, 11 years old

Mobilize Me

The result was the prototype of Mobilize Me, which in 2012 was tested at Langagerskolen, a primary school in Aarhus, and was then completed, with some tweaks and adjustments. This support aid has given name to the company, as the whole motivation behind developing and producing the support aid, also is the driving force behind the company Mobilize Me.

A strong partner

In the beginning of year 2013, one of Denmark’s strongest IT companies, Arosii, joined the company as a partner. Arosii brought Mobilize Me to a higher technological level, and gave us access to design, technical competences and developing, that usually is restricted to major software houses.

Arosii was originally behind the development of PlaNet.

New cooperations

With Arosii backing us, we quickly moved forward, and in February 2014, Mobilize Me entered into three new cooperations with Danish specialists within the field of autism, and a distributor in Norway. They continue to help us improving Mobilize Me, by sharing brand new knowledge about cognitive challenges. We also receive valuable user feedback, as they find out what works well for their users, in their everyday life.

Lucas and Christoffer

Here at Mobilize Me, we believe that everyone can contribute with something. That’s why in 2016, we hired two of our super users; Lucas and Christoffer, who helps us out in different ways. On our FaceBook page, you will sometimes find videos, where they talk about their tasks here, and on our YouTube Channel, Lucas will guide you through some of the functionalities of our support aids.


During spring 2017, we focused on testing our latest support aid, LiMo, which is developed in cooperation with a center for social housing and employment in the Municipality of Copenhagen.

LiMo stands for Life + Motivation, and it aims to support and motivate the users to work on their personal goals of development.

The future

We are eager to help out even more people, and we are looking forward to spread our support tools to the rest of the world. England are first-movers, when it comes to research in the field of cognitive challenges, which is why Mobilize Me in 2017 starts a cooperation with the English special academy Charlton Park Academy.