Mobilize Me

Mobilize Me creates consistency, secures a secure foundation and helps people with cognitive dysfunctions, eg. autism, ADHD, dementia and acquired brain injury, to a happier and less stressful everyday life.


Mobilize Me is a support tool, that works on smartphones and tablets. The tool visualizes the user’s activities during the day using pictures, color codes and time markers, and it gives the user an overview of their day.


Mobilize Me is developed for children, teenagers and adults with cognitive dysfunctions. The tool is primarily suitable for persons who has a need for a very controlled and visual structure.

Mobilize Me is being used daily by users in their own home, by schools and by other institutions, that benefit from a joint and coherent plan, which centers around the user.


Mobilize Me enables the user to preserve time and energy, so they can focus on the things that matter to them. It achieves this by removing the uncertainty revolving the activities of the day, enabling the user to grow and shine.

In Mobilize Me, structure in itself isn’t a goal, it’s a way to achieve a more independent life.

3 minutes per week

Mobilize Me enables caregivers and other support persons to make a joint calendar with all the user’s activities. This creates a sense of peace and security for the user, and the support person only needs to spend three minutes a week maintaining the plan.

Support and user guide

If you need technical support, you can send an email to 


Mobilize Me User guide

Mobilize Me Product Sheet

Prices - for private use

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Mobilize Me and its two user roles

User: As a user, you can view and interact with the structured activities, which are planned in your calendar interface. Every activity can be divided into sub-activities, to assure that you can get the degree of support that you need.

Planner: As a planner, you create a structure for the user, which makes the user sure what they are going to do during the day. You can either choose to carefully plan the whole day, or you can focus on the parts of the day, that the user finds most challenging.

Mobilize Me allows you to create a series of templates, so you don’t have to create the same activity over and over again. In each activity, you can create all the sub-activities you need, which means that you could save e.g. a whole morning routine in one template.

How does it work?

Mobilize Me works on the following platforms:


iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android smartphone, PC and Mac


iPad, PC, Mac

You can get Mobilize Me here:

App Store

Google Play

You can also access Mobilize Me via your computer at

Be aware that Mobilize Me is developed for – and should be opened in – the browser Google Chrome.

“I use Mobilize Me because I want to learn to do things myself, and be independent of the assistance of my parents. You could say that I use Mobilize Me to prepare myself for the real world.”
Martin - Mobilize Me
Martin Rosenkilde16 years old, autism

Research documents that Mobilize Me works

Mobilize Me is developed in a close cooperation with users and professionals, and we know our core users very well.


Since the beginning, we have had a close collaboration with researchers from Aalborg University, which has helped us define the most important things to focus on when developing aids for people with cognitive dysfunctions. They have evaluated Mobilize Me over time, and in their latest report on IT-based inclusion, they establish that students who use Mobilize Me:

  • Gets a better understanding of the day’s activities
  • Are better motivated to work
  • Work more effectively when time and reward is visible to them
  • Seem more participating and concentrated about tasks
  • Seem less stressed and show less improper autistic behavior
  • Seem calmer and spread less unrest to their classmates

Is Mobilize Me a fit for me?

All users are different, and there can be a variety of reasons to why extra daily structure is needed.

The average user of Mobilize Me will often recognize one or more of these challenges:

  • Needs a lot of visual support throughout the day
  • Finds it difficult to relate to time
  • Lacks initiative
  • Easily loses overview
  • Has problems staying focused

What is the difference between Mobilize Me and PlaNet?

Generally, Mobilize Me is best for persons who need a high degree of visual support.

Furthermore, Mobilize Me is separated into a user part and a planner part, because the typical user is unable to plan their day without the help and support from others.

Many of our users start by using Mobilize Me, and moves over to PlaNet, when they want to take over more of the planning.

PlaNet is for the users, who are moving towards independence, but still need some support.