From Mobilize Me to PlaNet

A transition from Mobilize Me to PlaNet often happens as the user finds himself/herself wanting to be more independent. This is what happened at the Weidinger’s house, where the youngest member, Nikolaj, has switched from Mobilize Me to PlaNet. Nikolaj’s mother has written the story about how they found out that Nikolaj was ready to make the change.

We have two boys with ASD and anxiety disorder. Both the autism and the anxiety makes it IMPERATIVE that their daily life is structured and predictable. Knowing what the day will bring  is simply paramount for a successful day.

Until now, we have used Mobilize Me to organize the daily life of our youngest son, Nikolaj. He has been really happy with using Mobilize Me, but the older he gets, the more he finds himself wanting to organize his own day. Even though he is just ten years old, he really wishes to be independent.

Usually, us parents organizes his day on Mobilize Me, but all of a sudden, we noticed that he had made lots of reminders on his iPad. E.g. “Remember to brush your teeth Mister!” and “You have to turn off your computer now!”. We asked Nicolaj about this, and he told us that he really likes planning HIS day.

That made a lot of sense, and since he feels the need to plan – and even is really good at it – we wanted to give him the opportunity to switch to PlaNet. That means he will have the option to independently schedule his own week, while we can support him and add some extra activities from the sideline. PlaNet is very simple and intuitive, and just by peeking over his older brother’s shoulder, he has learnt how to use it.

Until now, he has used his iPad for his Mobilize Me plan, but he really wants to use his smartphone instead, which PlaNet is great for. By getting PlaNet on his phone, he in turn becomes more mobile – in that he can have his phone with PlaNet in his hand, while he packs his bag, using the checklist he has made. He has seen his older brother do it with his PlaNet, and he thinks that it’s genius.

All in all, the transfer from Mobilize Me to PlaNet definitely is based on his wish to be more independent, participating and mobile. We are sure that it is the right choice.


Tina Weidinger