Conflict de-escalation and work assessment

CSBB is a frontrunner, when it comes to implementing assistive technology. They have been using Mobilize Me and PlaNet since 2015, and their Assistive Technology Team is constantly exploring and optimizing the use of these digital support aids. As it turns out, Mobilize Me and PlaNet can be used for more than creating structured plans - at CSBB, they also take care of conflicts and create a virtual bridge between work life and personal life, when the users are going through work assessment.

Conflict de-escalation and work assessment

Per Sundall Pedersen works for Center for Selvstændig Bolig og Beskæftigelse (CSBB) in Copenhagen and works with implementation of digital support aids. At CSBB, they help citizens with various degrees of cognitive dysfunctions, and they have chosen to use a mix of Mobilize Me and PlaNet.


Per says that the playful expression of Mobilize Me generally speaks to their developmentally delayed residents, while the residents with autism, Asperger and ADHD more easily identify themselves with PlaNet. At CSBB, these support aids are not just an important resource for the center’s residents, but also for the staff, which is important, says Per:

”The tools are also for the staff. They handle many of the more trivial issues, which gives the residential social workers time to focus on other things”
Per Sundall PedersenProject Officer

At CSBB, they are curious to expand the use of the support aids, and both the residential social workers and the center’s Assistive Technology Team are constantly on the search for new ways to utilize them. In two areas, the support aids have shown to be especially useful; conflict de-escalation and work assessment.


Conflict de-escalation

Some residential social workers have chosen to fully implement the use of structuring support aids, which has been an all-round success. Previously, the staff had to remind the residents to do daily chores, such as taking their medicine, clean their apartments and do their laundry. This takes a big part of the staff’s time, and it also caused a number of conflicts. Per talks about one resident, who has had many verbal clashes with the staff, because he gets annoyed that they constantly approach him. By implementing Mobilize Me, the staff avoids these conflicts, and the resident doesn’t feel like they disturb him.

”The resident no longer gets annoyed at the residential social worker, because the reminders are located in Mobilize Me, which means that the support aid takes over the conflict”
Work assessment

In addition to handling daily life chores and activities, CSBB also uses PlaNet to create work plans, for those residents, who takes part in work assessment. At the moment, the center has two residents in work assessment, and all their tasks are scheduled using PlaNet.

”Some residents need a full structured daily plan, and others just need small reminders. The point is that we fuse the private daily plan with the work tasks, and in that way, we work determinedly with PlaNet”

This means that PlaNet is used as a scaffolding around the resident’s day, and the support persons kan keep an eye on how it goes, without having to constantly look over the resident’s shoulder. It increases the resident’s independence, and at the same time gives the staff an option to monitor from a distance. The idea behind this initiative comes from the center’s Assistive Technology Team.